Barbara and Brian Baldwin

As part of the fascinating insight into the history of the club, Barbara and Brian B have been kind enough to offer some of their favourite memories:

“We came to Goring in 1969 and straight away set about looking for the tennis club. Alas there wasn't one! We found, however, that a group of friends had joined together on an informal basis and had arranged to hire courts from other clubs - at first at Upper Basildon and later at Mapledurham.

Soon after that a "proper" club was formed - with a constitution. Chairmen were to serve for a maximum of 3 years only. The first chairmen were David Mitchell-Baker, Terry Walker, then Ann Ducker followed by Brian Baldwin.

At this stage the council decided to build some courts on the Sheepcot Recreation Ground. Unfortunately they chose the corner of the field to which all the water drained down - a really soggy patch! After rain, the court colour was black! The balls were black, our hands were black, our clothes were black and we could feel the courts squelching under the surface! Eventually Brian, as chairman, arranged for drainage pipes to be laid down under the courts - and all was well.

We really do owe a great debt of gratitude to those first three chairman - it was they who really got things going!

Facilities for matches were not ideal! They consisted of a Picnic on the field and toilets at the Station. Other clubs had their own problems - at one club, we had to stop play while we chased rabbits off the court!

According to the club rules, Brian stepped down after 3 years. He was succeeded by Paul R and then it was my turn.

Computers were unheard of then and for reproducing minutes etc., we acquired an infernal machine called a Gestetner. It took up most of one room and made a horrific noise as the handle was turned (requiring great strength) for each sheet of paper printed. It shook the house! The secretaries coped heroically. During my term of office they were Susan H, Barbara B and Penny H, doing one year each.

By this time we were organising matches with other clubs, American tournaments, club championships and a junior section; making us a 'proper club' at last.

My own contribution was not great but I think, still much appreciated. I also arranged for the outside seats to be installed!”

Brian and Barbara B



Barbara and Sally H
at the Civil Service Sports Club, Chiswick High

Barbara receiving the Trophy for the Ladies Singles Title, c1975

The Goring Ladies Team c1980 High
Barbara B, Ann D, Sandra D,

Gladys H, Karin W, Sally M


The Baldwins

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