Ron and Alice P

Founder Members

Ron and Alice were two of the Founder Members of Goring Tennis Club in the late 1960s.

The photos show them as they were then and as they were at the time of the GTC 40th Anniversary.

They received Honorary Life Membership in 1980. Were they the first Honorary Life Members? Let us know!

Ron’s Holey Shirt

Ron was well known for the GTC Coat of Arms on his shirt. Folklore had it that he burned a hole in his shirt at an early club barbecue and his wife Alice then used the Coat of Arms to cover it up!

But at the 40th Anniversary Birthday Party, we heard it from the “horses mouth”. Ron explained that he had burned a hole with a cigarette and indeed the hole was covered up. He went on to explain that there had been a competition to choose a suitable club badge and that the winning design had incorporated two swans. However when it came to embroidering, it was too complicated. So in the end the second choice had to be used. And that is the badge that ended up on Ron’s shirt.

Ron’s Coat of Arms was the inspiration for a new range of Club Clothing to celebrate the 40th Anniversary which incorporated the new Club Logo based on Ron’s Coat of Alms.



Ron in the late 60s High


New Logo

GTC Coat of Arms High

Honorary Life Membership Certificate High or Full

Alice in the late 60s High

Ron and Alice 2008
High or Full


The Peets

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