Some Reminiscences from the Past

One impact of the Sheepcot Pavilion

On club and match days before the Sheepcot Pavilion was built, there was a procession of players and spectators making their way to the railway station and back.

What did they do at the station?


Stripping for Tennis

The first Chairman from 1968 was David M-B. his wife was also a member. She recalls that a lot of effort went in to fund-raising in those early days.

Her party turn was a screen dance during which she threw out a number of tempting clothing items, finally emerging in her tennis kit!

Fund Raising

Ron P recollects that the group of early members took over the running of a weekly draw started by Goring Cricket Club. Winning tickets were drawn in the Goring pubs in rotation and provided a valuable source of income for the Tennis Club.

Dances and Dinner Dances were help in local village halls; Aston Tirrold, Yattendon, Pangbourne as well as the Shillingford Bridge Hotel. Many had live music, decorated halls, some had fancy dress and/or a cabaret.

Interactions with the Parish Council

Ron P also recollects that in lobbying the Council to release land for tennis courts, committee members attended every council meeting, but were not allowed to speak.

The committee undertook a Village Survey to see what sporting facilities people put their priorities on. It was disappointed to find they preferred a swimming pool !!



The Ladies...

What did club members find so attractive about the Station? High

And the Gents!



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